Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hiring House Cleaning Service For the First Time? Make Sure You Know About It Well

Your decision for hiring professional house cleaners can be sudden, and you may not be completely ready for that. As a matter of fact, increasing engagements have made the people bring about some changes in their regular lifestyle. These changes are inevitable, and you cannot avoid them for long. Like any other such changes, you can feel the need to hiring the professional house cleaning services in Atlanta as you can find it very soon that you are not getting enough time to clean and manage your own home.

 In case this is the first opportunity for you to hire such a service, then you need to be very cautious as a slight mistake can cause you some potential loss. Before you actually get into the process of hiring, you must try to find out some useful information about the service. Following are some of those things that you must know well: 

Individual or Agency: It’s indeed a crucial decision, and you need to decide it very carefully. Hiring an unknown individual is often complicated, more expensive, and riskier. You need to spend more for them besides conducting a background check for the maid you hire. All these are time-consuming too. But things are entirely different with an agency as it does everything for you, and you just need to pay for the services you hire them for. 

Cost: It’s again a decisive factor. Individual cleaners are often more expensive as you need to pay a tax to the authorities apart from paying them their charges. Such a thing is not applicable to the agencies as they charge consolidated fee only. 

License and Insurance: Every provider of house cleaning service in Atlanta gets legalized with the help of the license and insurance coverage. An individual service provider cannot have any of them so they become less reliable in the end. For the safety and security of your own home, you must rely on the licensed service provider only. 

Reputation in the market is yet another important thing that you can rely on while finding a reliable house cleaning service in Atlanta. Though you may hardly find any reviews for the individuals, the reviews for agencies can be of great help for you there. Make sure you conduct a good and impartial survey before you come up with the right decision.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Individuals or Agencies? Which is A Better Choice for Housekeeping Services?

Cleaning the house and manage it properly is a fundamental responsibility of the homeowners that many of them love to carry out. However, increasing workload and professional liabilities are preventing a large number of homeowners from cleaning their home and managing it themselves. However, they cannot compromise with the well-being of the family that is closely related to cleanliness of the home.

On many occasions, the homeowners decide to hire a maid to look after the cleaning task of the tome, and that often works fine too. These maids work exclusively for those homes, cleaning and managing them properly. However, the availability of professional services providers has brought about some changes in the hiring options of the people in Los Angeles.

If you are looking for such a service in housekeeping in Los Angeles, then you must have a clear idea if you hire an individual or an agency that brings these services to you. Read on to know what your ideal choice would be:


Obviously, reliability is a key factor that you must be very careful while finding a housekeeping service. An agency claims to be more reliable that you can always cross check on various platforms. On the other hand, there is hardly any way to find the trustworthiness of an individual maid.

Safety Issues:  

The administration in Los Angeles issues a business license and insurance policy to the agencies that are serious about service the residents. Both these documents are mandatory for carrying out a service in this domain. From this point of view, the agencies seem to be more reliable for the homeowners to decide in favor of hiring them.


Getting a replacement cleaner is an added advantage that the homeowners can expect from an agency. The agencies often provide their client a replacement if the original service remains absent due to any possible reason. The replacement staffs are also experienced, and they can also produce a quality cleaning work for you. On the other hand, there is no possibility of any replacement in case the appointed maid fails to join on a scheduled cleaning day. You would need to face the difficulties in the end.      

Apart from these, cost or price factors also determine a certain aspect of such a hiring. Usually, agencies charge less than the individual. If you compare the nature of services of agencies and individuals, you can always find the agencies more effective as they use various tools and devices to conduct the cleaning or house cleaning procedures.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pros And Cons Of House Cleaning

Hiring someone for house cleaning in Atlanta requires several factors to consider because you're not only buying a spotless room, washroom or kitchen but also buying time. You're buying peace of mind. You're buying experts’ time who know how to do the work well.

In any case, you're paying for services for which most homeowners jump at the chance to fulfill. Housekeeping services in Atlanta have its boon and bane. Read out to know more!

Pros – Advantages of house cleaning

A) House cleaners have a fixed timetable
When you hire house cleaning services, you're hiring a fixed schedule.

B) You're hiring experts 
Similarly, as a roofer or a circuit tester, you're contracting an expert in the field. They know how to evacuate extreme stains or loco odors.

C) You're buying time 
The most common reason homes get messy is the absence of consideration. In the wake of a prolonged day of work, who would like to do the cleaning work? Contracting house cleaning services get your spare time with the family.

Cons – Disadvantages of house cleaning 

1) More costly than DIY 
Cleaning experts are not expensive, but rather they do bring cost many homeowners skip by doing it without anyone's help.

2) The trust factor 
You need to believe your cleaning experts. You must be 100% sure that they work with the most extreme regard and genuineness that accompany any expert services.

3) They don't have the foggiest idea about "your way."
House cleaners clean bathrooms, kitchens, floors, etc. in their way. They get a kick out of the chance to use similar materials and cleaning strategies. All things considered, these techniques and equipment might not be what you're used to. A few materials may have allergic odors. You could be oversensitive to them. Since these house cleaners don't have the foggiest idea about your cleaning habits, they may fail to understand the situation on more than one occasion.

4) Consistency is not an assurance 
Contingent upon the measure of your house cleaning services, you could get different cleaner every week or month. No cleaner has precisely the same calendar. This may create confusion or insecurity too.

Hiring house cleaning in Atlanta brings homeowners a peace of mind and flexibility they can't get if they have cleaned their homes themselves. In any case, it accompanies a cost that most of the people choose to ignore. Since you have the best of both sides, it's a good time to settle on a decision.

For reliable and trustworthy house cleaning services in Atlanta, you must hire someone whose cleaners are highly professional and possess years of experience. With their knowledge and expertise, they know how to win their clients’, heart. They must understand your need and try to enhance the beauty of your house at its best level. Moreover, their maids must ensure your home’s safety as well as their safety too.